Baby Naming and Family Celebration Ceremonies are a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate the birth of a child, adoption, welcoming stepchildren, or the blending of two families. Many parents, married, unmarried, gay, lesbian, straight, religious and non-religious, wish to celebrate family arrivals and new beginnings with a ceremony to affirm their love, commitment and promises to the child and to each other, surrounded by family and friends (or as a family-only affair).


Customising Your Baby Naming or Family Celebration Ceremony

family ceremonies for naming can include older children

There is no set script, so each ceremony is unique and completely customised, and Catherine will design something specially tailored to you and your guests. Some ideas could include:

  • Lighting a candle as a symbol of new life coming into the world, or asking the light to guide and protect the family or the new arrival, and making promises and commitments to nurture and support the child or new family, as they grow.
  • Making promises and commitments to love, nurture, care and support the child or new family, as they grow.
  • A tree or rose bush planting (in your own garden or that of a family or friend) with a ceremony around the tree to symbolise the start of new life or a new family chapter, signified with strong roots and the promise to care and nourish your new family, baby or child.
  • Involving older brothers or sisters or stepchildren by having them read a poem they have written, sing a song or play an instrument, to help them feel part of the new family or additional family member.
  • Using the ceremony to make the formal announcement of the new baby’s name or adopted child and the reasons behind the choice of name.
  • Using the naming ceremony to formally announce the names of adults who will have a special relationship with the baby or child (similar to the role of Godparents in religious ceremonies) using religious or non-religious, interfaith customs and words that are meaningful to you.

Catherine can incorporate most ideas and provide guidance on how to make your baby naming or family celebration ceremony a beautiful occasion you will never forget. You might want to write and recite vows, or have Catherine speak to convey what you want the occasion to express.

Robert and Yanping

Wedding Ceremony - Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire, UK

Your script was beautiful and you adapted to the changes in occasion in regards to Xuan Xuan not being willing to bring the rings ever so gracefully.

Robert and Yanping
Evan and Rose

Wedding Ceremony - Toronto, Canada and Norfolk, UK

Planning a wedding is tough enough. Trying to do it in a way that meaningfully and seamlessly blends two cultures, with different traditions, symbols, ceremonies and practices, should have been even tougher. But Catherine Kentridge was more than up to the task on our wedding day and throughout all the preparations leading up to it. Catherine is collaborative, warm, open, and speaks with so much heart. Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding.

Evan and Rose
Carolina and Tony

Wedding Ceremony - Caswell House, Oxfordshire, UK

Our family and friends came from different countries and some do not speak English but Catherine conducted the ceremony in both English and Spanish simultaneously. She addressed the ceremony exactly as we had planned in previous meetings just as she had suggested. We were so lucky to have found Catherine, she’s bilingual and we found that is not easy to find in a celebrant in England able to speak Spanish. Thanks Catherine!

Carolina and Tony
Vanessa and Maria

Wedding Cermeony - Amberley Castle, West Sussex

Catherine is more than a celebrant, she makes your special day more than special. We had a bilingual wedding thanks to her and it was very touching for my Brazilian Family to be included. It was friendly, intimate, full of love. You are very special and I would never forget our day, and you are part of those memories.

Vanessa and Maria

Where and When you can Hold your Naming Ceremony

naming ceremony locations

A baby naming or family celebration ceremony can take place any time anywhere at a place to suit you and your family and does not need to be local to where you live. Many parents choose their own home or garden, but ceremonies can also be held at a hotel or a special venue which has meaning to the family. (Please note if it is a public place, such as a park or beach, you may need permission from the local authority and should check with them first).

Please be aware a baby naming ceremony or family celebration ceremony holds no legal status and does not replace the official requirement to register your baby’s birth or adoption at your local registry office within the legal time span.



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