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With a celebrant ceremony you can have a real and final say, a casting vote, in every aspect of the ceremony and the wedding, from writing your own vows, exchanging rings, choosing the venue, the guest list, the celebrant and whether you change your name, and if so, what that new name will be.

Where and by whom: Your celebrant ceremony can be held anywhere you wish with exactly the words, rituals, customs, readings, music and traditions that you want.

To change or not to change your name: You and your fiancé/e may wish to take on each other’s surnames, totally, or by double-barrelling, or creating a new name that combines the two – thus the marriage of Rogers and McGregor can become Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. McGregor, the Roger-MacGregor’s, the McGregor-Rogers, or the McRogers. The only boundary is your own creativity.

Wedding planning and planners: Choose your own to suit your budget and your style

Rehearsals: Choosing to have a rehearsal of your ceremony is a smart move. It will give you an idea of the timing, flow and feel of their ceremony, and in advance, you might practise the first dance.  It’s a dress rehearsal of your wedding ceremony, going through every aspect of it, from walking up the aisle and positioning your bridesmaids and groomsmen, to all the actual words – except the vows, which you will save to say on THE day.

Choosing Your Wedding party and Witnesses:  With a celebrant, you’ve got total freedom of choice of who and how any are in your wedding party. You can invite your children, nieces, nephews, children of friends, the family dog, to be part of the bridal party. And you can choose who will be your witnesses. Just beware, family and friends may fight for the honour of having a role in your ceremony!

Choosing whom to invite: You will be being married in the presence of those you love and cherish, the people you have chosen to invite. It’s entirely your decision as to whom and how many of your family, friends and colleagues you invite.

Choosing what you wear: For every bride, the wedding gown is a matter of vital importance, on which endless hours are spent researching, and then more endless hours on fittings till it is absolutely perfect. And the decision is entirely yours- though anyone lucky enough to come dress-hunting with you will offer tons of advice about what suits you. As long as you feel beautiful in the dress, it’s the right one!

Choosing your Wedding Bouquet: Which flowers do you love best- what are your favourite types of flowers? You can base your choice of which flowers to have in your bouquet based on colour, scent, shape and what’s in season or available. Be creative with colours and types of flowers and greenery.

Choosing the rings: Will you both exchange rings, or will only one of you receive a wedding ring? It all depends on your preferences and your respective traditions. Will you make your own rings? Will they match? What metal will they be made of? Or will they be tattooed rings, which can never be lost or tarnish? It’s up to you.

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