If it seems like everyone and every place are shutting down and putting your wedding day at risk, don’t despair! You may not need to cancel or postpone your wedding till the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

There are terrific options for having a celebration on the day you’d planned. You may yet be able to save the day.

With the situation changing from day to day, and new government and health advisories being given, be flexible and creative, and THINK both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE BOX – LITERALLY!

How about having a cyber-ceremony? You could create an online wedding ceremony through Zoom or Skype or other social sharing platforms to include people who are unable to be there in person.

Indoor Cyber Ceremony

I’ve done several weddings like that. We found ways for guests,  who for whatever reason could not be there physically in person, to be included in the ceremony through the magic of the internet, and the willingness and high-tech expertise of couple, family and friends to make it work.  Guests can be participants or spectators of your wedding ceremony. If you have chosen readings, blessings or rituals for them to do, the celebrant (aka stage director/manager!)  can cue them in at the right time. And if you are on Skype or Zoom, or any other interactive internet meeting platform,  you can have a virtual receiving line and virtual toasts – which is as close as it’s possible to get right now to actual hugs. My experience is that indoor cyber-ceremonies work best from your own living room.

Outdoor Virtual Ceremony

You can have a cyber-ceremony outdoors, as well.  If indoor venues are either choosing or being obliged to close their doors, there’s still the great outdoors, where you can have a ceremony, blessing or ritual of whatever kind you like, to celebrate your marriage. You could probably even hold it on the date you’ve been looking forward to and counting down to for so long, and that all your family and friends have in their diaries. Just get your friendly high-tech wizard on the case to make sure it’s possible to broadcast your ceremony, and to run the tech side of the celebrations.

With an outdoor celebration, you can hold it anywhere you fancy – a private garden, on the beach, on the fells, or by a lake.

DOWNSIZING? NO WAY! With a cyber-ceremony you don’t need to do any drastic pruning of your guest list. As long as their internet is working and the timing across countries, oceans and continents works,  you can still have all the people on your guests list “present” at your ceremony. And for those who still can’t be there, in any way, make sure you record the ceremony and send it to them.

Celebrant Led Online Wedding Ceremony

This is when the versatility and freedom from licensing requirements can make a celebrant-led ceremony the perfect choice. Where to hold the ceremony will be absolutely up to you. You’ll still be able to have the ceremony you want, however changed the circumstances may be.

So let’s raise a glass, wherever we are, to your day and a lifetime of happiness, and an actual celebration with real hugs, as soon as it’s safe to do so!

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Very Best Wishes for your Health and Happiness