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A bespoke wedding ceremony that has it all


Multicultural, Multilingual & Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Planning a unique wedding ceremony isn’t simple.

You may want to celebrate two cultures joining together, include elements of different religions or even have a bilingual or multilingual ceremony.

You want the right words, readings, rituals and people… but you don’t want the whole thing to turn into a chaotic mess – or into a financial vortex your marriage might never recover from.

Distinctive Ceremonies

Let’s create the wedding ceremony you never dared to dream about

Include all the elements that make the both of you “us”

Together, we will carefully craft and polish your marriage ceremony with selected elements, such as personal vows, special readings and rituals that truly reflect you and tell your story.

Stay within budget

Each ceremony I design is one-of-a-kind and the cost depends on what you would like to include. However, my fee schedule is flexible enough to work within most budgets.

But make it perfect

As an experienced actor, and a professional writer and storyteller, as well as an officiant and celebrant at many wonderful weddings in the UK and abroad, I can handcraft your ceremony into a joyful, and deeply meaningful celebration.


I’m Catherine Kentridge

I have united hundreds of couples in tailor-made wedding ceremonies in the UK and abroad.

My primary goal is to create a bespoke ceremony that you will treasure and that your guests will remember for always.

Each ceremony I design is one-of-a-kind and the cost depends on what you would like to include.






Auguri !


Enhorabuena! Vivan los novios!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch !


Mazel Tov !


Gratulacje !


Parabéns !


Veels Geluk !




поздравляем с днем свадьбы







How It Works

Step 1

Book a Call

First, let’s get to know each other. Book a phone or video call to discuss your general plans for the wedding.
Step 2

Discuss Options

We can have a second call or in-person meeting to discuss available options, before deciding to move forward.

Step 3

Create the ceremony

I work closely with you to create your unique ceremony. We can use existing resources, and add your own personal elements. I make sure that the entire process is enjoyable and stress-free.
Step 4

Before the ceremony

I double-check the setting for the ceremony is exactly as agreed and meet all the vendors, such as wedding planner, photographer and videographers, and musicians, involved in the ceremony to go over cues, ground rules, and any special elements and moments in the ceremony.


Step 5

During the ceremony

I conduct your ceremony using the words you and I have created. I will cue all participants by name so that all the elements work together smoothly and you can relax and enjoy this memorable event.
Step 6

After the ceremony

I will leave shortly after the wedding ceremony. If invited, I will be pleased to stay to toast you, but normally I do not stay for the reception.

What does it cost to make my dream ceremony real?


Since each ceremony I create is completely bespoke, my fees depend on the scope and personalisation that you require, and on the complexity or amount of liaison needed to meet your requirements, including the languages and the elements you’d like to incorporate.

Wedding Ceremony – Norfolk

“Planning a wedding is tough enough. Trying to do it in a way that meaningfully and seamlessly blends two cultures, with different traditions, symbols, ceremonies and practices, should have been even tougher. But Catherine Kentridge was more than up to the task on our wedding day and throughout all the preparations leading up to it. Catherine is collaborative, warm, open, and speaks with so much heart. Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding.”

Evan and Rose

Wedding Ceremony – Oxfordshire

Our family and friends came from different countries and some do not speak English but Catherine conducted the ceremony in both English and Spanish simultaneously. She addressed the ceremony exactly as we had planned in previous meetings just as she had suggested. We were so lucky to have found Catherine, she’s bilingual and we found that is not easy to find in a celebrant in England able to speak Spanish. Thanks Catherine!”

Carolina and Tony

Wedding Ceremony – Buckinghamshire

“Your script was beautiful and you adapted to the changes in occasion in regards to Xuan Xuan not being willing to bring the rings ever so gracefully.”

Robert and Yanping

Wedding Ceremony – West Sussex

“Catherine is more than a celebrant, she makes your special day more than special. We had a bilingual wedding thanks to her and it was very touching for my Brazilian Family to be included. It was friendly, intimate, full of love. You are very special and I would never forget our day, and you are part of those memories.”

Vanessa and Maria

Wedding Ceremony – Chelsea

“Your great ideas and sage advice helped us to create something really beautiful and personal to us.

A great number of our guests commented on how lovely it was and how well it captured our personalities.

We undoubtedly could not have done it without you, so thank you again.”

Lauren and Alex

Wedding Ceremony – Cumbria

“We had the pleasure of working with Catherine for our wedding ceremony at Broadoaks in Cumbria and we could not have been happier with the result. Catherine worked very closely with us to craft a tailored experience just for us, and we feel that the result was a ceremony that perfectly reflected who we are! Throughout the process Catherine was very helpful, professional and really took the time to get to know us as a couple. By going the extra mile Catherine helped us create a ceremony that was unique to us and our relationship, and it was clear that she genuinely cared about making our day special. Catherine was always responsive to our questions throughout the planning process, which really helped to make the planning process smoother and more enjoyable. We would highly recommend Catherine to any couple looking for a personalised, meaningful wedding ceremony.”

Ayo and Emmett

Vanessa and Maria


Why choose a Celebrant?

Because a celebrant ceremony does not include legalities, it has no rules or regulations and you can have it anywhere, indoors or outside, any time – dawn, dusk, mid-afternoon.

There is no requirement for a licensed venue.

Beach, lakeside, mountain top, field, on a boat, garden or forest – whatever is your pleasure.

You can include children, pets, friends, family, music, rituals and readings, whoever and whatever is important to you to include in your ceremony.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes. Your own words for your vows will make them even more personal, meaningful and powerful.

Does it matter what culture, faith or religion we are?

No. I specialise in creating unique harmonised and beautiful ceremonies that weave together your respective faiths, heritage and languages. My ceremonies are interfaith, multicultural and multilingual, depending on your requirement.

How long will the ceremony be?

Ceremonies are usually 20-25 minutes from Procession to Introducing you to your guests as Newly Weds. They can be shorter if you decide not to have readings or special rituals. Or they can be longer; for example, if you have more than one language, guests participating in the ceremony, or other elements.

Is a celebrant wedding like this one legally binding?

Celebrant ceremonies are not legally binding. You will still need to officially marry as recognised by English law in a registry office, place of worship, or licensed venue by a minister of religion or registrar.

For more information on the legal aspects of your marriage, in a Registry Office, place of worship or other licensed premises, please see the Government website here:

Do we need to be legally married?

No. You can do the legalities on a different day, before the celebrant ceremony day or after. Or you can get legally married on the same day.

For more information on the legal aspects of your marriage, in a Registry Office, place of worship or other licensed premises, please see the Government website here:

Can we have a wedding rehearsal?

Yes. It’s a good idea, so you know what to expect, and get the feel of the flow of the ceremony, and you get to experience your ceremony twice!

How does the process of creating the wedding ceremony work?

1. The ceremony takes shape with exchanges of drafts that are fine-tuned as we go along, to ensure the ceremony reflects your wishes.

2. You send me as many of your firmed-up ideas for the ceremony as possible. I create a draft written ceremony incorporating those ideas for you to review together, and then you send me any revisions.

3. You receive a second draft, containing those revisions.

4. You review the revised draft, make any final changes to it and then send me an email containing your “Approved Ceremony”. That way you and I will know that on your wedding day you will be hearing the words you want to hear at the ceremony you want to have.

How far in advance should be book our wedding ceremony?

Whether it is a year in advance, a couple of weeks, or anytime in between, I will do my best to accommodate you. The further you book in advance, the more likely you are to receive the time and place of your choice.

How far are you willing to travel?

I’m based in London and Cumbria, and I do ceremonies across the UK and Internationally.

Wherever you need me, I will be there.

Do you charge extra travel and/or accommodation expenses?

Any fees for travel and accommodation are in addition to my ceremony fees. If the time and location of your venue require overnight accommodation and/or travel abroad, then that travel and accommodation will be charged extra, and agreed at the time of contract. If I can easily travel to and from the venue in a day, then the additional fee will simply be the train fare and a taxi to and from the venue.

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