How to Foster Good Karma on your Wedding Day: Top 10 Tips for a Harmonious Day


Everyone dreams of a wedding filled with good vibes and lasting memories—not just for the couple but for all attendees and participants. Achieving good karma on your wedding day sets a positive tone for your married life. Here are proven tips from seasoned couples and personal insights on how to make your wedding a beacon of joy and generosity.

1. Thinking of Others

Remember that you are not the centre of the universe, even though it is your wedding! A lot of people are involved in making your day fabulous. They all have busy lives and are finding time to do things for you and to support you. Appreciate their efforts and don’t make unrealistic demands. Don’t be like the bride who expected her friends and relations to cancel romantic dates and travel plans – and was very angry when they didn’t – so they could help her wrap wedding cake slices!

2. Generosity

Be generous – but no need to be extravagant unless your budget stretches to it –  when it comes to helping people, especially vendors, with transport to the location of your wedding, or local accommodation if the venue is very far from where they live. They are making the effort of expertise, time and money to be there for you in every way. Penny-pinching is only being pennywise pound foolish.

3. Courtesy

Treat everyone with courtesy. It is amazing how, when it comes to their wedding,  many usually perfectly pleasant and polite people lose their cool and start having meltdowns if everything isn’t done yesterday. They forget that their celebrant or wedding planner or florist or dressmaker has other clients with weddings coming up. The better and more courteously you treat everyone involved in your wedding, the happier they will be feel and the more willing to go that extra mile for you.

4. Accepting Help Graciously

When friends and family offer to help, accept with gratitude. This not only lightens your load but also makes your loved ones feel involved and valued, enhancing the communal spirit of your day.

5. Relax

If you are feeling super-stressed, take time out to breathe, have a massage, go for a walk with your fiancé/e, dog, friends or family. That fresh air will do you and all those in your orbit, a power of good.

6. Change Focus

It’s difficult with so many details to attend to, but see if you can think about something other than your wedding for a few hours, and do something special for someone else. Take them out for a meal, offer to babysit their child or walk their dog, bring flowers when you next see them. Small things make a big difference.

7. Share the Beauty

Think about giving the flower arrangements at your wedding to a hospital or seniors’ residence after the reception. This gesture extends the joy of your wedding to others and multiplies the good feelings from your day.

8. Share the Bounty

Deliberately order extra food or arrange for leftover food to go to a shelter for the homeless, where it will be eaten and enjoyed.

9. Express Appreciation

Show your appreciation of everything that others do for you. A polite and gracious manner and masses of thank yous throughout the planning process, the lead up to and the actual day of the wedding, go a very long way to keeping everyone happy and onside.

10. Cash and Cards

Tip your vendors on the day if you feel they have done an outstanding job and gone above and beyond. And there is nothing like handwritten thank you cards for making people feel appreciated!

Good karma on your wedding day

Of course, there are no guarantees that if you do all or any of the above everything will be perfect on the day and ever after, but it’s worth a try! Not only will you enjoy the event, but the good karma generated will resonate with your guests and set a wonderful tone for your marriage.

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