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Baby Naming and Family Celebration Ceremonies


Multicultural, Multilingual & Interfaith Ceremonies

for Birth, Adoption, Welcoming Stepchildren or the Blending of Two Families.

Celebrating New Life

Baby Naming and Family Celebration Ceremonies are a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate the birth of a child, adoption, welcoming stepchildren, or the blending of two families.

You can celebrate family arrivals and new beginnings with a ceremony filled with love, commitment and promises to the child and to each other, surrounded by family and friends.

Distinctive Ceremonies

Customising Your Baby Naming or Family Celebration Ceremony

Discover the Possibilities

First, let’s get to know each other. Book a phone or video call to discuss your general plans for the ceremony.

We can have a second call or in-person meeting to discuss available options, before deciding to move forward.

Create the Ceremony

I work closely with you to create your unique ceremony. We can use existing resources, and add your own personal elements. I make sure that the entire process is enjoyable and stress-free.


On the day I arrive early and double-check that everything is set to go smoothly. I present your ceremony with eloquence, joy and poise. You and your family and friends can relax and enjoy your perfect ceremony.


I’m Catherine Kentridge

I have created and conducted scores of tailor-made baby naming and family celebration ceremonies across the UK and abroad.

My primary goal is to create a bespoke ceremony that you will treasure and that your guests will remember for always.

Each ceremony I design is one-of-a-kind and the cost depends on what you would like to include.






Auguri !


Enhorabuena! Vivan los novios!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch !


Mazel Tov !


Gratulacje !


Parabéns !


Veels Geluk !




поздравляем с днем свадьбы







When and Where you can Hold your Baby Naming or Family Ceremony

Any time – dawn, dusk, mid-day, mid-afternoon – your choice
Anywhere – garden, beach, park, living room, hall, meadow, forest – your choice

What does it cost to make my dream ceremony real?

Since each ceremony is bespoke and unique, my fees depend on the scope and personalisation that you require and the complexity or amount of liaison needed to meet your arrangements, including the elements you’d like to incorporate.

“Naming Ceremony – Norfolk

“You made the naming ceremony for Savanna Rose and Thomas Andrew such a delight, magically succeeding in making it the perfect length so the twins didn’t get restless, and including all the words and people that matter to our family Thank you.

Sam and Olivia

Naming Ceremony – Oxfordshire

“We and our guests loved your ceremony for Ottiley. How perfect to bless her with roses and essential oils.”

Pierre and Francine


Why choose a Celebrant?

Because a celebrant ceremony does not include legalities, it has no rules or regulations and you can have it anywhere, indoors or outside, any time – dawn, dusk, mid-afternoon.

There is no requirement for a licensed venue.

Beach, lakeside, mountain top, field, on a boat, garden or forest – whatever is your pleasure.

You can include children, pets, friends, family, music, rituals and readings, whoever and whatever is important to you to include in your ceremony.

Does it matter what culture, faith or religion we are?

No. I specialise in creating unique harmonised and beautiful ceremonies that weave together your respective faiths, heritage and languages. My ceremonies are interfaith, multicultural and multilingual, depending on your requirement.

How long will the ceremony be?

Baby naming ceremonies are usually around 20-25 minutes. For older children, they can be longer depending on who and what you wish to include in the ceremony.

How does the process of creating the ceremony work?

1. The ceremony takes shape with exchanges of drafts that are fine-tuned as we go along, to ensure the ceremony reflects your wishes.

2. You send me as many of your firmed-up ideas for the ceremony as possible. I create a draft written ceremony incorporating those ideas for you to review together, and then you send me any revisions.

3. You receive a second draft, containing those revisions.

4. You review the revised draft, make any final changes to it and then send me an email containing your “Approved Ceremony”. That way you and I will know that on your day you will be hearing the words you want to hear at the ceremony you want to have.

How far in advance should be book our ceremony?

Whether it is a year in advance, a couple of weeks, or anytime in between, I will do my best to accommodate you. The further you book in advance, the more likely you are to receive the time and place of your choice.

How far are you willing to travel?

I’m based in London and Cumbria, and I do ceremonies across the UK and Internationally.

Wherever you need me, I will be there.

Do you charge extra travel and/or accommodation expenses?

Any fees for travel and accommodation are in addition to my ceremony fees. If the time and location of your venue require overnight accommodation and/or travel abroad, then that travel and accommodation will be charged extra, and agreed at the time of contract. If I can easily travel to and from the venue in a day, then the additional fee will simply be the train fare and a taxi to and from the venue.

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